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Websites and Public Relations

by welkamro

Exhibitions are centers of public relations - a great chance for companies, to schmooze their customers and show their products in a very good light. But that raises the question: Are the big trade show halls able to compete with the other PR efforts of their exhibitors?


by welkamro

For many people, a picture of Tokyo at nighttime is a symbol for a whole country: lots of flashing lights make the city looks like a giant, 700 square kilometers disco. Nearly every shop, even the small ones, are illuminated 24 - 7.

Today, our little trip through the world of print media ends with posters and graphics, that not only exist just for decoration – they have a message (at least they should), but sometimes, booths have so many posters, that its hard to figure out what the message is.

Print media II – Germany and Japan

by welkamro

In the first part of this series, we became acquainted with different types of print media. So, lets see how it looks in Japan. If you are one of those persons who likes to think in stereotypes, maybe thinking Japanese booklets and flyers are full of colors, manga and kitsch, I can tell you: Of course you are right!

Print media I – Types and functions

by welkamro

Despite all the new electronic gadgets and advances: Paper is one of the most important media of communication at exhibitions – a fact that let environmentalists mount the barricades. Tons of paper getting wasted, many flyers and booklets are thrown away from the visitors.
Anyway, the importance of paper for the advertising industry can't be denied.


by welkamro

„Trade fair catering is an essential element for customer care and a delicious way to get in touch with visitors“ - the advertising slogan from a huge catering-company. But If you now think of tasteful sushi -or dango-bits at your next visit on Japanese exhibitions, I can tell you: Better prepare a lunchbox.

Event Promotion Expo 2012

by welkamro

Everybody loves presents. I guess. But, what to do if there`s no christmas, birthday or any other festival any time soon?
Then you`ll just have to go to exhibitions. Your bags will be full of gifts, I promise. The “Event Promotion Expo” at Big Sight shows the latest opportunities for booth operators, to make their visitors smile.

Event Japan 2012

by welkamro

The „Event Japan“ is an exhibition for exhibitions: The latest light-generators, the most modern costumes for booth assistants, and lots of technical gadgets just wait for exhibition-designers and booth-operators to win the run for the costumers.

Booth Assistants

by welkamro

Exihibitions without assistants is like sushi without soy sauce – it´s possible, but everybody would miss the spice. At least, somebody has to draw the visitors interest for the booths – and the first attetion is mostly to the female booth assistants. During my travellings through Japanese exhibitions, I saw many different kinds of booth assistants and figured out a rough division in three categories.

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012

by welkamro

If you ask German people about their association with the word „Japan“, in the most cases you will hear: Sushi, entertainment electronics, samurai and especially: manga and anime. No wonder: Today, mangas are a multi-billion dollar business, and not only in Japan, also in the western countries it is quite popular. Reasons enough to give these phenomenon it´s own exhibition.

Communication with visitors

by welkamro

When you look up the word „exhibition“ in a dictionary, you would find „reach for potential customers“ as an importat goal for trade shows. If you had ever walked through Japanese exhibition halls, you would know: Japanese booth assistants will take the word „reach for“ literally.

FoodEx 2012

by welkamro

The „Makuhari Messe“-Building (interesting fact: „Messe“ is the German word for „exhibition“) in Chiba normally stands for huge trade shows, business meetings and rock-concerts. But, how I discovered on my visit at „FoodEx“ trade show 2012, it also stands for delicate food.

Not open to public – a „good advice“ you can see on many homepages and entrance halls at Japanese exhibitions. So, what can people do, if they´re interested in business-exhibitions, but no part of a highly important industry?

Japan Shop 2012

by welkamro

What do German people think, when they hear about exhibitions? Big, crowded halls full of visitors? Sweating people with shirts printed full of advertisement? Loud and intrusive hostesses?
Well, probably they would think of all three situations. As far as I am concerned, I am also thinking about these stereotypes, so I went to Japan. Maybe here, 9000 kilometres away from good old germany, exibitions work different.

welkam earthquake response

by welkamro

to all our valued clients, partners and friends:
Thank you for all the mails and calls of concern. We are all safe!
Until Mar 22 our office in Tokyo was not staffed, as we were all away from Tokyo in safe locations.
Since Mar 23 the office is staffed again and we returned to operations as usual.

Looking forward to seeing you 2010

by welkamro

2009 was the year of the worldwide economy downturn. Actually we did not feel it as much as we had feared before and so we would like to thank all of our clients and partners for all the good things they let us take part in.
We are looking forward to the year 2010 with all the challenges it might have prepared for us and also wish all our readers a very good year 2010.

Survey: 83% of all exhibiting companies regard exhibitions and trade shows as important or very important

welkam Ltd. office on wikimapia

by welkamro

You can find the exact location of our office here .

exchange rates

by welkamro

when looking at this chart, which compares the Yen with Euro and US$, it becomes immediately clear, that everybody involved with these currencies has to cope with very volatile developments.
The graph above is based on data from

cell phones in Japan

by welkamro

It would be so nice to come on a business trip to Japan, switch on your cell phone from your home country and start communicating. But unfortunately only few phones can connect to networks in Japan.
Which phones work, which don't?

We are proud to announce, that our projects, which you were used to find here in our Kojichu blog will have a new place from June 2009.

Please check back and you will see most all of our projects listed under the "Projects" link directly on the start page.

Happy new Year!

by welkamro

The year 2008 was a very special year for welkam.
It started with 2 new colleagues who joined us.
In January we successfully built our first project in Dubai, and it was not really a small and simple booth.
In February, we made our first appearance as exhibitor on the Euroshop.
Beginning of August our first chance to prove that we can do it in India arrived.
And end of August finally was our debut to build an automotive stand, and that in Moscow, Russia.
It was a sometimes tough but in the end very rewarding experience.
We thank all of our clients and partners for these chances, and that they all helped together to make these projects work out.

Euroshop 2008, Feb 23 - 27

by welkamro

The experiment: As an exhibition contractor we tried to act, as usually our clients do.

What happened: As we were pretty busy with our client's projects during the preparation, we asked the good folks at d'art, if they want to plan our Euroshop booth for us.

Our briefing: Make it easy to understand, that we are an exhibition service company -based in Japan.

welcome to welkam at Euroshop 2008

by welkamro

The Euroshop is the biggest trade show in the industries of shop-interior and display construction.

Date: Feb 23 - 27 in the Düsseldorf Exhibition Center

We are going to be there to talk about our services. Please come by and visit us for a face to face talk.

Meet - Thomas Götze

by welkamro

Thomas is the new member in our team.

He is German and has a solid back ground in all things media management.
He comes from a carpenter family, so this department is also covered.
Next to his mother-tongue, Thomas feels at home in English, Spanish and Japanese.

Season's greetings!

by welkamro

It is this time of the year again. The activities are becoming a bit less as everybody tries to get their batteries recharged for next year.
We thank all our customers, friends and partners for the great support in the year 2007. And we are looking forward to the year 2008, which holds some great events and developments in the pipe line. Our creativity snowballs will turn into new welkam colleagues, a new office and the Euroshop, to name just a few. Please stay tuned for the announcements of all these events in 2008.

We do wish all our readers a very happy year end and all the best for their health, their families and their business.

welcome Kumi Oyanagi

by welkamro

We are glad to introduce a new member to the welkam team.
Kumi Oyanagi has joined us in May and has since already made herself useful in all kinds of different challanges. She says " it is so fun" and we believe her. But not only does she seem to enjoy the project work, she also shows a great talent and skill.
For our overseas customers: She is fluent in English.

A happy new year 2007

by welkamro

Thank you everybody for letting us know and work with you during the past year. We send out our dearest wishes for a happy and successful year 2007.
Our office will be closed from Dec 23 to Jan 03. Talk to you next year.

New Logo

by welkamro

Why a new logo?
Because we felt. that we can show even more graphically our strength, which is the bi-cultural back ground of the display projects, we manage and produce. Hence a three dimensional arrow pointing at both directions.

Renewed website online

by welkamro

Here it is! Our renewed homepage!
Thanks to the great effort of the fine folks at AQ !
We hope, that it will have a positive feed back from you, our readers.

Noise Levels for Loud Speakers

by welkamro

Noise pollution is not only bad for anybody’s physical health, it is also a stress factor, which can cause psychological damage. Some exhibitions and events rely heavily on stage shows, which of course have also an audio output.

From our stand builder’s point of view, we recommend a raised floor for every booth, because it makes the wiring so much easier and nicer, as the cables can all be run invisibly under the floor. And it gives arguably an upper market image.

Fire Safety

by welkamro

If you ever witnessed a fire in an exhibition hall, you understand, why organizers and hall owners try everything to avoid this.

Projects in 2005

by welkamro

We don’t want to bother you, dear valued reader, with out dated information about our works. But: here a list of projects, we did in 2005. If you are interested in details, please contact us here

Let’s double the space of our booth by simply building a double story structure over the whole area. Good Idea - if it were that easy.

Digital Graphics

by welkamro

So you have this great booth design, which to a significant part relies on graphic areas, which show your corporate identity. And now it is time to make these graphic data available for production. It is quite time and cost consuming to create these graphics data and you can save a great deal, if you provide these data in a print ready format.

Height and Set Back Rules

by welkamro

Of course, every exhibitor on any given event would like to build as high as possible, to make at least his logo visible from everywhere. Unfortunately, there are very seldom venues, where exhibitors are free to build as high as they wish. Organizers try to avoid, that big exhibitors with big budgets are over dominant and thus help smaller stands to make an appropriate appeal, even with smaller budgets.

World Voltage

by aqworks

When you go to an event as exhibitor, chances are, that you need to use appliances, which need power. If you bring power consuming items from your home to a different country, you will need to check the voltage and the form factor of the plugs to make sure, everything is safe and running smooth.

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