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Event Japan 2012

by welkamro

The „Event Japan“ is an exhibition for exhibitions: The latest light-generators, the most modern costumes for booth assistants, and lots of technical gadgets just wait for exhibition-designers and booth-operators to win the run for the costumers.

Obviously, there is an absolute must-have for Japanese events: Dinosaurs. If you don´t have a giant dinosaur at your booth – you´re out. At least, that´s what’s being communicated here. Everywhere you could see big puppets and plastic-figures, decorated with lots of jungle-looking stuff, waiting to inspire some operators to buy such a giant monster for their next exhibition-booth.

On a TV-screen you could see an interesting dinosaur-costume for two people: A huge saurian trample trough a crowd of children, sometimes pretend to eat one of them. If I had seen a monster like this as a child, I would have been very scared – but the Japanese children are obvious tougher than me and laughed all the time.

There are not many countries in the world where tradition and modernity are connected so closely like in Japan. So, you also have the choice when you want to plan an exhibition booth: lights and technology or traditional art and music?
For example, you can build a high stage, decorated with Japanese lanterns and a few girls in traditional Japanese dresses.
Or you can use pictures made of flowers, to create a Japanese „feeling“. That’s especially interesting for exhibitions in foreign counties, so the visitors can get a first impression of the Japanese culture.

If you want more modern units at your booth, you can buy some laser-light-machines (obviously inspired by science-fiction movies), or 3D-screens you can use without special glasses (it works quite well).
Another interesting, but expensive gadget are some screens you can control with your hands and feet (Interesting fact: the system bases on the Microsoft’s Xbox 360-Kinect-System which is not really popular in Japan).

Often, you can see a mix of tradition and modernity: The exhibition booth with the traditional dressed women has printed a big manga-picture in the background. And the highly modern screens often shows Japanese flowers or samurai.
In Japanese booths you can see lots of pieces from their own culture and history.

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