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World Voltage

by aqworks

When you go to an event as exhibitor, chances are, that you need to use appliances, which need power. If you bring power consuming items from your home to a different country, you will need to check the voltage and the form factor of the plugs to make sure, everything is safe and running smooth.

Voltage: There is unfortunately no global standard and the available power current can be very different by countries. In the USA, you get 110V, In Japan 100V, in Europe 230V, some countries have both 110V and 230V circuits.
In addition, there are also many different form factors of plugs. So even if you managed to check, that you can run your appliance with the voltage in the county, you go, you may still not be able to plug your power chord in, as the sockets have a different shape, than your plug. An easy way to confirm this information, voltage and form factor, is the website:
These sites also state the frequency of the alternating current, which is either 50 or 60Hz. This has most of the time only influence on appliances with electrical motors that spin different rounds per minute according to the frequency.
If you find, that your voltage requirements are different form the country’s standard, please advise the total power in watt, you need to be transformed. We can provide the transformer you need for most cases on rental base. If you are OK with the voltage, but still have a different plug, which needs an adaptor to make it fit in the standard sockets, these are an easy affair to supply, if informed ahead of time.
For heavy machinery and 3-phase industry level power requirements, please contact us. We will be glad to help and have so far always been able to get powered up - even booths with power requirements like a small village.

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