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Noise Levels for Loud Speakers

by welkamro

Noise pollution is not only bad for anybody’s physical health, it is also a stress factor, which can cause psychological damage. Some exhibitions and events rely heavily on stage shows, which of course have also an audio output.

At some events, neighboring exhibitors tend to engage in audio volume battles to attract more visitors to their stands. For some products, it is very important to communicate a rich media experience also to the ears.

But if it gets out of hand, the effect can be negative, when visitors are literally blasted away.

To take responsibility for the health and safety and to guarantee a business environment, some organizers are imposing sound volume regulations. This is unfortunately still with emphasis on “some", because there are still many events taking place today, where the sound levels are not regulated and therefore lead to quite noisy experiences.

The smart way of dealing with this, is to design a stage or show experience, that attracts people visually or through invitations and not with too loud sound outside the boundaries of your allocated space.

If for some reasons, such a design is not possible, we advise to contact your event neighbors, to work out a schedule of the performances, which does not overlap. This could be advantageous, as the listening crowds can concentrate on one show and right away just turn to the next show. This way the crowds are already gathered and could be easily channeled to the different performances.

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