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    Event Promotion Expo 2012

    by welkamro

    Everybody loves presents. I guess. But, what to do if there`s no christmas, birthday or any other festival any time soon?
    Then you`ll just have to go to exhibitions. Your bags will be full of gifts, I promise. The “Event Promotion Expo” at Big Sight shows the latest opportunities for booth operators, to make their visitors smile.

    Event Japan 2012

    by welkamro

    The „Event Japan“ is an exhibition for exhibitions: The latest light-generators, the most modern costumes for booth assistants, and lots of technical gadgets just wait for exhibition-designers and booth-operators to win the run for the costumers.

    Tokyo International Anime Fair 2012

    by welkamro

    If you ask German people about their association with the word „Japan“, in the most cases you will hear: Sushi, entertainment electronics, samurai and especially: manga and anime. No wonder: Today, mangas are a multi-billion dollar business, and not only in Japan, also in the western countries it is quite popular. Reasons enough to give these phenomenon it´s own exhibition.

    FoodEx 2012

    by welkamro

    The „Makuhari Messe“-Building (interesting fact: „Messe“ is the German word for „exhibition“) in Chiba normally stands for huge trade shows, business meetings and rock-concerts. But, how I discovered on my visit at „FoodEx“ trade show 2012, it also stands for delicate food.

    Japan Shop 2012

    by welkamro

    What do German people think, when they hear about exhibitions? Big, crowded halls full of visitors? Sweating people with shirts printed full of advertisement? Loud and intrusive hostesses?
    Well, probably they would think of all three situations. As far as I am concerned, I am also thinking about these stereotypes, so I went to Japan. Maybe here, 9000 kilometres away from good old germany, exibitions work different.

    Projects in 2005

    by welkamro

    We don’t want to bother you, dear valued reader, with out dated information about our works. But: here a list of projects, we did in 2005. If you are interested in details, please contact us here

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