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Websites and Public Relations

by welkamro

Exhibitions are centers of public relations - a great chance for companies, to schmooze their customers and show their products in a very good light. But that raises the question: Are the big trade show halls able to compete with the other PR efforts of their exhibitors?


by welkamro

For many people, a picture of Tokyo at nighttime is a symbol for a whole country: lots of flashing lights make the city looks like a giant, 700 square kilometers disco. Nearly every shop, even the small ones, are illuminated 24 - 7.

Today, our little trip through the world of print media ends with posters and graphics, that not only exist just for decoration – they have a message (at least they should), but sometimes, booths have so many posters, that its hard to figure out what the message is.

Print media II – Germany and Japan

by welkamro

In the first part of this series, we became acquainted with different types of print media. So, lets see how it looks in Japan. If you are one of those persons who likes to think in stereotypes, maybe thinking Japanese booklets and flyers are full of colors, manga and kitsch, I can tell you: Of course you are right!

Print media I – Types and functions

by welkamro

Despite all the new electronic gadgets and advances: Paper is one of the most important media of communication at exhibitions – a fact that let environmentalists mount the barricades. Tons of paper getting wasted, many flyers and booklets are thrown away from the visitors.
Anyway, the importance of paper for the advertising industry can't be denied.

Communication with visitors

by welkamro

When you look up the word „exhibition“ in a dictionary, you would find „reach for potential customers“ as an importat goal for trade shows. If you had ever walked through Japanese exhibition halls, you would know: Japanese booth assistants will take the word „reach for“ literally.

Not open to public – a „good advice“ you can see on many homepages and entrance halls at Japanese exhibitions. So, what can people do, if they´re interested in business-exhibitions, but no part of a highly important industry?

exchange rates

by welkamro

when looking at this chart, which compares the Yen with Euro and US$, it becomes immediately clear, that everybody involved with these currencies has to cope with very volatile developments.
The graph above is based on data from

cell phones in Japan

by welkamro

It would be so nice to come on a business trip to Japan, switch on your cell phone from your home country and start communicating. But unfortunately only few phones can connect to networks in Japan.
Which phones work, which don't?

Noise Levels for Loud Speakers

by welkamro

Noise pollution is not only bad for anybody’s physical health, it is also a stress factor, which can cause psychological damage. Some exhibitions and events rely heavily on stage shows, which of course have also an audio output.

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