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From our stand builder’s point of view, we recommend a raised floor for every booth, because it makes the wiring so much easier and nicer, as the cables can all be run invisibly under the floor. And it gives arguably an upper market image.

Fire Safety

by welkamro

If you ever witnessed a fire in an exhibition hall, you understand, why organizers and hall owners try everything to avoid this.

Let’s double the space of our booth by simply building a double story structure over the whole area. Good Idea - if it were that easy.

Digital Graphics

by welkamro

So you have this great booth design, which to a significant part relies on graphic areas, which show your corporate identity. And now it is time to make these graphic data available for production. It is quite time and cost consuming to create these graphics data and you can save a great deal, if you provide these data in a print ready format.

Height and Set Back Rules

by welkamro

Of course, every exhibitor on any given event would like to build as high as possible, to make at least his logo visible from everywhere. Unfortunately, there are very seldom venues, where exhibitors are free to build as high as they wish. Organizers try to avoid, that big exhibitors with big budgets are over dominant and thus help smaller stands to make an appropriate appeal, even with smaller budgets.

World Voltage

by aqworks

When you go to an event as exhibitor, chances are, that you need to use appliances, which need power. If you bring power consuming items from your home to a different country, you will need to check the voltage and the form factor of the plugs to make sure, everything is safe and running smooth.

the Welkam boys Kojichu, Japanese for 'under construction,' is an ongoing notebook of ideas, tips and discoverys we've picked up over the years building displays and managing events around the world.

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