Additional Services

Whether you’re planning a storefront around the corner, or a display on the other side of the world, Welkam’s knows the resources, rhythm and methods you’ll need to get it right. The US, Europe or Asia, chances are we’ve been there, built it.

Consulting Services

Intercultural Consulting

We evaluate the content and language of your promotional materials, presentations or stage shows and advise you on what needs translation or revision to ensure the best reception. From business cards and brochures to graphic panels, we will train your staff on the sometimes unfamiliar way to present these materials.

Also we provide Language Support for Meetings & Negotiations with local partners in English, German, and Japanese. Not only translation, but explanation of technical solutions, ways of thinking and culture differences.

Design Appraisal and Refinement

We evaluate your display design and report on how well it fits the event and locale, addressing style, materials, visitor expectations, and more. We send you a prioritized list of the issues to resolve before showtime, and even redesign ideas to get you going.

On-site Supervision & Labor Coordination

During every display project, many different parties come together on site. Transport companies, building contractors, organizer staff and others must come together to make the show work, often under tight timelines. Welkam supervises and coordinates the team ready with the local resources and knowledge needed for any situation.

We bring together local craftsmen and communicate your requirements in their language, keeping your experience, efficient and headache free.

Cost and quotation Analysis and Explanation

Quotations look different in each country and are influenced by local regulations (i.e. tax law, unions etc.). We help you to find the text in between the lines.

Research and Reporting

Welkam can research events in any region. Our show reports help you understand the potential of each event and how your own organization’s performance measures against the event as a whole, past events, or events in other regions. These stats will help you make decisions about how to improve your presence at future events and where to invest your resources to achieve the best cost per impression.

Additional Services

Graphic Design, Production and Localization

We can coordinate all aspects of the presentation for a perfect fit with the architectural design. Often prints need to be added or adjusted even in the last minute. Producing graphic works and prints locally guarantees maximum flexibility and our prices are fair.

Multimedia Production, Equipment

Movies, presentations and other media can add richness to a display. We provide the tools and specialists.

Catering & Staffing

Moderators, waiters or other supporting staff, we organize the right people and even dress them to match the overall appearance.

Interpreting Services

Professional Interpreting can sometimes be essential for business negotiations. In order to provide reliable translation services, we choose our interpreters very carefully for your success.


We track your shipments, empties and out­bound deliv­eries, and super­vise shipping contractors. We also handle logistics for road­shows, or can store items.

Sample Project

Jimtof 2016
Tokyo (Big Sight), Japan

Size: 90m2   Date: November 22, 2016

Kojichu, Welkam's Notebook of Ideas, Tips & Reports

Tips & Discoveries

Print media I – Types and functions: Despite all the new electronic gadgets and advances: Paper is one of the most important media of communication at exhibitions – a fact that let environmentalists mount the barricades. Tons of paper getting wasted, many flyers and booklets are thrown...


We are hiring: Junior Project Manager (m/w): Starting date: As soon as possible With steady growth, the time has come to look for support to assist our Senior Project Managers in project management tasks.